Original Street Ski

The Street Ski was designed with the idea of maximizing fun, providing an effective cross training exercise workout, and developing and maintaining a correct ski-carving technique.

Designed by skiers for skiers, the Street Ski allows you to practice valuable skills such as weighting and unweighting, balance and timing, angulation, toe and heel pressure, poling, and other techniques before you hit the slopes.

Now you can ski year round with the STREET SKI by RBR

Demonstration video showing how to ski using the Street Ski.

Glen Plake and Brett Miller at SkiDazzle, December 5, 2013


"You will discover that all but the most radical bump skiing sensations are the same."

"Closest thing I've ever found to skiing. Incredible!"
- Poncho McCoy, Former US Olympic Team Member - Mammoth Mountain

"Super skiing aid. Waiting, timing, balance and poling are exactly the same. Every skier should have one."
- Randy Short, Former President Far West Ski Instructors Association