ABOUT US - the rbr story

RBR, Inc. is a family-owned and operated business, incorporated in the state of Iowa with the main office in San Diego, CA. "RBR" stands for Recreation Before Responsibility and expresses “a lifestyle, not a brand.” It is an identification of who and what we are.

“RBR” became the slogan of a group of baby boomer adrenaline junkies who came of age in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. From the Southern California beaches to the various mountain ranges of the Western U. S., “RBR!” could be heard being hollered from cornices; powder bowls; tree lines; and countless surfing, back country, mountain biking, fishing, and motocross locations. Though deeply conscious of, and environmentally responsible for our shared-use of the outdoors, none of us have ever been adverse to a little irresponsible ditching of work or school for a good powder day or a classic surf session.

The RBR tradition has now extended through two generations and has spanned almost forty years. The Originals have grown from a small group of adventurous friends to an extended family of diverse outdoor enthusiasts. Our second generation has now become a driving force in the expansion of this lifestyle. The mission of RBR is to see the entire community of outdoor enthusiasts continue to grow, and to supply those individuals with the best and most environmentally conscious gear possible.